Crime and Public Safety

Public Safety is Raquel's number one concern and the top challenge facing our community. Our streets, especially those in the Entertainment District, are out of control and it must stop! That’s why Raquel supports doubling the foot patrol of police officers in the Entertainment District, stepping up enforcement of existing laws, investing in technology upgrades for our police and implementing resident and family-friendly programming.

Here is what I will do as your Commissioner:

1. Double the number of foot-patrol and bicycle officers in the entertainment district.

2. Invest in REAL Community Policing throughout the city especially in underserved North Beach.

3. Make Monthly Crime Statistics available online to residents.

4. Step up code enforcement & penalize bad operators.

5. Enforce existing laws like public drunkenness and open containers.

Keeping Our Buildings and Residents Safe

Surfside was a tragic wake up call, highlighting the urgent need for transparency in the condo recertification process.

Raquel will establish a low-cost lending program designed to help the residents of older buildings facing unexpected assessments as a result of structural emergencies, and she will support the certification of larger condominiums every 20 years instead of 40.

Tragedy has taught us that we need to be diligent in safety of our buildings. As the former President of a condo association she has worked through these challenges firsthand. Raquel will focus on:

1. Support the immediate city-wide inspection of all buildings 20 years and older.

2. Require HOA inspection reports at 20 and 30 year marks.

3. Use municipal and state bonds to defray large assessments over a 30-year period. Allow the bond repayment to travel with your mortgage.

Preserving Our Parks & Environment

Miami Beach’s world-class parks and green spaces play a critical role in our quality of life. But as we grow and our population becomes denser, these parks and open public spaces are often threatened.

Raquel will work to expand our city’s green spaces and keep our beaches clean. She will invest in viable resiliency solutions that address flooding, stormwater, and sewer infrastructure to protect the water quality of Biscayne Bay.

As Commissioner, Raquel will:

1. Hold developers accountable for pollution runoff in Biscayne Bay

2. Ensure general obligation bond funds for our parks are never misspent

3. Increase funding for local park and beach volunteer cleanup efforts.